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About Todd Morris

Todd Morris is a nationally recognized security and surveillance expert and the founder and CEO of BrickHouse SecurityTodd is often quoted in the press and has appeared as an expert commentator in numerous national broadcast and online media outlets, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, Fox Business News, NBC’s The Today Show and ABC's Good Morning America. 

An accomplished speaker and presenter, he is particularly adept at distilling complex security, surveillance and technology topics down to their essence for a general audience.

Todd can always be counted on to provide an honest opinion about today’s most pressing security and privacy issues, including:
Protecting Your Family
  • Nanny Cams & Hidden Cameras, GPS Tracking, Abducted and/or Lost Children
  • Teen Monitoring, Spouse/Partner Surveillance, Elder Care
Legal/Governmental Issues
  • Secret Surveillance Techniques -- Both Legal &  Illicit -- That Can Play a Crucial Role in Domestic Politics & Global Events
  • Legalities Concerning the Use of Surveillance Equipment by Employers, Federal & Local Governments & Law Enforcement, Including Fourth Amendment Issues
  • Corporate Espionage – Domestic & International
Monitoring Security Breaches
  • GPS Tracking, PC & Cell Phone Monitoring, Counter Surveillance
Todd founded BrickHouse Security in 2004. The company now employs over 70 people and has earned its place as the industry’s premier supplier of security and surveillance solutions and technology consulting services to consumers, business, law enforcement and the federal government.

Todd launched BrickHouse after a 15-year career in the software industry, where he worked for such companies as Apple, Adobe and MapQuest, leading the development of custom technologies. When he was charged with finding or developing a GPS tracker and panic button for use in law enforcement, his quest uncovered a broader demand for location-based security, from affordable child locators to easy-to-use GPS tracking systems for teen and employee monitoring.

His personal security “Eureka Moment” came while climbing high in the mountains of Southeast Asia. Tired and lost in a dead-end cave, he realized a personal GPS tracker would have given him some peace of mind as well as access to security in this far-flung corner of the world. This realization led to a life-changing career and the founding of BrickHouse.

A native New Yorker, Todd studied business at American University. He is a frequent guest speaker at noteworthy professional conferences including ISC, ASIS, Comdex, NAB, Seybold and Angelbeat, as well as an active participant in round-table discussions regarding all aspects of security and surveillance technology.